GROW Group Fellowship
Monday August 14th, 2023
Grow Group #11
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Greetings Beloved Member,

Reminder: GROW Group #11 will meet on Wednesday, August 16 from 6:30PM-7:30 PM in the JWC Fellowship Classrooms for Popscicles w/ Pastor.

We look forward to this important time of learning and fellowship with our fellow brothers and sisters. Please let us know you are coming and RSVP with your GROW Group Leader Rev. Willie Perkins 248.469.9273 at  or 

Click Here to learn more from Pastor Young about what are GROW Groups and how you can connect.  



What is a GROW Group? A GROW group is a revamping of the Class Meeting System or Small Group Discipleship. The church is divided into roughly 20 classes or groups of 12-13 members each. The goal of the group is foster community, spiritual accountability, and fellowship. It is ensuring that no member is left out and that all are growing in the Lord.


Why do we need a GROW Groups? These groups ensure that every member is checked on, cared for, and involved. Additionally, these groups help us to love and support one another as a church family. Lastly, these groups give us Christian brothers and sisters to walk with as we strive to be more like Christ that will check-in on our prayer life, Christian development, and ultimately our spiritual growth.


Am I required as a member of John Wesley Church to participate in a GROW Group? The Pastor and leadership of the church strongly encourage ALL members to participate in GROW Groups (Class Meetings), as we desire for all members to grow in faith as a community.


Can I choose my own GROW group leader and members? Each group and leader is already assigned. Be open to connecting with other people in the congregation you may not know. Be patient in fostering relationships with one another. This does not mean that you cannot pray, check-in or connect with other members outside of your group.